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Answer "How do I help my dog lose weight?"

How do I help my dog lose weight?

This "How do I help my dog lose weight?" answer was viewed by 4698 visitors.

Our pets can gain weight just like humans. It is really dangerous for their health and these problems can cause diseases of the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems, hypertension, diseases of the kidneys and gallbladder, diabetes and even cancer. If you suspect that your pet is obese, you should immediately contact a veterinarian in order to develop the best weight-loss scheme for your loved pet.

Unfortunately, it is harder for a dog to lose weight compared to a human. Said dog can't understand the importance of diet and physical exercises. So you will have to do it together with your pet. First of all, you should increase the number of physical exercises and the length of walks.

Proper nutrition has always been a basis of weight-loss. Transfer your pet to a strict two-single feeding, excluding all the snacks, edible rewards, and small treats. Consult your veterinarian in order to get some assistance with a new menu for your pet. Even the slightest deviation from the recommendations will drive all your previous efforts to zero. Do not try to check how much food your dog is able to eat. Its portion has to be calculated in accordance with its age and size.

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