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Answer "What is flyball?"

What is flyball

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Flyball – is a team-based sport for dogs, where they compete with each other. The dog has to overcome the obstacle that consists of four barriers. There is a device at the end of the track. When the dog clicks the button on this device, it takes a tennis ball in the air. After catching the ball on the fly, the dog should return to the start and overcome the obstacles again.

It is and active sport that allows you and your pet to have fun and receive a good amount of physical exercises. It will be a great solution for very active dogs such as Border Collies and Terriers. It became popular because of its easiness – any dog can participate the competition – pedigree or not, big or small, old or young.

There are no limitations, so literally every dog can have fun. The only limitation – is the inability to get a ball for smaller dogs, because they are not heavy enough to press the button.

This is a kind of sports, where people and their pets work together in one team. Many dog owners use this kind of sports as a great way to have some good time with their loved pets. It is a common hobby for the majority of owners and only a few professionally work with their dogs and participate in serious competitions.

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