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Answer "How fast do puppies grow?"

How fast do puppies grow?

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4 Hours: The puppy can turn itself to needed direction. The strongest feeling in this little dog – is its sense of touch.

7 Days: Our little dog still needs help and protection from its mother. It sleeps all the time. The mother constantly licks its child, encouraging its urination and stool.

14 Days: The puppy is able to stand. It starts seeing on day 8-10 and hearing on day 12-13. If the mother does not have enough milk to feed all the puppies, you should start using milk replacers to feed them all.

3 Weeks: The puppy can move without help. The fifth week brings baby teeth and your puppy starts chewing things. These babies do not know, how to limit their strength, so they can bite you strongly enough.

4 Weeks: Mother can now leave its babies for some time. They will not go too far from their home anyway. Puppies are now able to recognize strangers.

6 Weeks: Reflexes are growing really fast. Puppies start running and jumping. The baby now explores the world and stop eating its mother's milk.

2 Months: The nervous system is now strong enough, so the puppy can be sold to its new owners. It will easily get used to the new environment in this age.

18-19 Weeks: The learning process is incredibly quick. It is the best moment to train your puppy.

6-9 Months: Puberty. Active life stage. At that time, she learns not to bite their masters in the game, perform simple tricks.

1 Year: The animal looks like a grown up individual. But you should still train it so you could be sure that it will grow up a good dog.

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