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Answer "How do I properly care for my dog?"

How do I properly care for my dog?

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There is a variety of guides about looking after your pet. Specialists and veterinarians recommend all the dog owners to follow these rules:

1) Create an environment that will be close to natural as much as possible, because your pet needs to live in the natural-like environment.

2) Protect your dog from parasites.

3) Proper nutrition. Make sure that your pet receives all the needed vitamins and minerals.

4) Control the reproductive function. Many animals have very strong mating instincts and you can't ignore them.

How to look after your pet to keep it healthy and happy?

• Find a place for your pet to sleep at. It may be a special corner or dog house outside your house. Try to make it comfortable for your pet.

• Vaccination. The vaccinated animal will be protected from many serious diseases, many of which are deadly dangerous.

• High-quality food. Feed your pet with the best food you can afford. Good dog food contains all the needed vitamins and microelements.

• Constantly check and protect your dog from parasites. Train it to eat only the food you give and do not let your pet pick up any food on the street.

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