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Answer "What is the good my dog can bring to my family?"

What is the good my dog can bring to my family?

This "What is the good my dog can bring to my family?" answer was viewed by 4270 visitors.

Professionally trained animals such as guide dogs deliver an obvious profit for all the blind people. However, the common dog is able to improve your psychological energy and physical health. The dog can relieve loneliness, stress, depression, anxiety, and encourage the person to physical exercise, showing playfulness, and support their owner with unconditional love and affection. The dog in your family will help your child to become responsible and skilled.

Dogs are the animals with the most developed perception of human psychology. They are able to understand a lot of words that we use in our speech, react to them, interpret tones of our voice, gestures, and even mimics. As well as any our friend, the loyal dog will always look into your eyes in order to understand your emotional condition and try to support you.

Owners of dogs, less likely to suffer from depression compared to the owners of other animals or people without pets;

Owners of dogs have lower blood pressure in stress situations;

When a person plays with a dog, the level of serotonin or dopamine increases;

Owners of dogs are less likely to have a stroke compared to the owners of other animals.

Owners of dogs, who are older than 65 years, visit their doctors more rarely;

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