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Answer "Can I feed my dog with sweets?"

Can I feed my dog with sweets?

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Many owners reward their pets with candies or chocolate, without knowing where this kind of behavior leads. Of course, dogs accept these rewards and know how to get them. Many sources say many different things, but the people, who work with dogs, will definitely agree that you should NOT give your dog any sweets. The needed amount of glucose can be received through the fruits and vegetables. So, when you start eating sweets, bring a fresh carrot for your loved pet. Sweets can cause a variety of diseases in your pet, such as diabetes and pancreas malfunction.

Except for fruits and vegetables, you can give your dog some special dog rewards that contain glucose. These rewards can be bought in any veterinarian clinic or vet shop.

What sweets can I give my pet?

- Fresh and dried fruits. You can give raspberries, apples, blackberries and blueberries. Banana (the sweetest fruit) is also good.

- Honey . You can give your pet a small amount of natural honey. You can add a teaspoon of honey to a daily ration of your pet.

- Seeds and nuts are natural sweets but they are not that sweet as honey and fruits. Instead of excessive sweetness, seeds and nuts contain various minerals and vitamins.

- Sweet roots. This group includes potatoes, parsnips, carrots, squash and turnips. These vegetables contain a variety of useful vitamins and minerals and are good for the dog’s digestive system. You can cook them or give them raw. For example, dogs love raw carrots.

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