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Answer "Can I hit my dog?"

Can I hit my dog?

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Many people ask this question. And there is an answer – no, you can't hit your dog. You should behave in accordance with the situation. Before taking any disciplinary measures, it is recommended to carefully analyze the situation. There are many situations when your pet did something accidentally. In these cases, it is not recommended to discipline your dog. It would be a better idea to use positive motivation (a toy or something tasty) to explain the correct line of behavior to your pet.

When should you hit your dog?

There are situations, when your pet does something just because it wants to do it. Sometimes they do it to manipulate their owner and get something they want. Only the aggressive behavior is the reason to apply physical force. Of course, these methods are not recommended to apply, but you can do it if your cynologist says so. In order to avoid any behavioral problems, it would be a better idea to use positive motivation to explain your pet all the rules of your family. Physical force can only be used in extreme cases, when nothing else helps.

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