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Answer "Will family replace the pack for my dog?"

Will family replace the pack for my dog?

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Yes, your family can be called a pack and your dog can perceive you as another dog, although a little strange because the puppy captures the image of a man as its own. However, communication between them is sometimes difficult due to the fact that a man and his dog have different sensory systems priority.

The emotional climate in your family is also very important when the relationship between you and your pet are forming: when there is a stable and friendly relationship – everything is good. But only a single fight between its owners and the dog experiences a true shock. In a natural environment, low-rank animals will just try to run away, when there is a fight between dominant individuals. It is impossible to do in the apartment, even the big one. So, the more intense the relationship in your family is, the more psychological problems your dog has.

From the social comfort point of view, the dog will enjoy a big family, which has people of all ages. These families rarely happen to have no one at home, so the puppy will not suffer from separation anxiety.

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RU: Станет ли семья заменой стаи для собаки?
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