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Answer "How do dogs tolerate the smell of paint?"

How do dogs tolerate the smell of paint?

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We all know that dogs have an amazing sense of smell. The whole life of our pet is based on smells that deliver all the needed information about the surrounding world. And these smells develop the attitude of your pet towards various objects and situations, as well as contribute to the formation of habits and instincts. And that is why they have a different attitude for different items. For example, dogs hate the odor of paints and solvents.

This kind of attitude is caused by essential oils, which are contained in paints. These oils irritate the nasal mucosa. This is the thing you have to always think about when starting any renovations or repairs. Dogs can even get poisoned with the smell of paint.

In order to protect your dog, even during any small repairs, it is recommended to use alternative materials, which are not dangerous for pets. There are special paints that do not contain solvents and without any strong smell. This kind of paint will be harmless for all the pets in your home and renovate your walls at the same time.

If you can't avoid the use of toxic materials, it is recommended to do the work during the warmer months, so you could ventilate the room and get rid of harmful fumes.

Any problem can be prevented rather than you will suffer from its consequences. You can always find a way to do the renovation without harming your loved pet!

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