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Answer "How do I remove the tick from the skin of my dog?"

How do I remove the tick from the skin of my dog?

This "How do I remove the tick from the skin of my dog?" answer was viewed by 4071 visitors.

Mitten stings are almost painless, but they can cause a lot of problems in your loved pet. You will not even notice this small "uninvited guest". The risk of getting infected becomes really high in 24 hours and increases gradually in 48 hours. So the first thing you should do is to effectively remove the mitten as soon as you can.

Some people think that you can remove the mitten with burning match or any heated item. This method will not work and can even worsen the problem. The burn may cause the tick to pierce deeper into the skin and release all its contents, increasing the risk of infection. Another not really good way to remove the mitten is pouring it with oil. It kills the bug but does not force it to remove the proboscis. In addition to this, the dying mitten can release all its contents into the wound, which leads to a high risk for your dog.

If you do not have special tweezers, you can use the regular ones. Grab the mitten's body as close to its head as it is possible, and slowly, swinging from side to side or rotating, extract the body of the mitten. Try to remove its proboscis too. If you didn't manage to do it properly – grab the remains of the mitten and repeat the previous operation.

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