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Answer "Does collar hurt dog?"

Does collar hurt dog?

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It is hard to imagine a dog without a collar. But we rarely ask ourselves if our pets feel comfortable wearing these things. According to the fact that dogs have a very high pain threshold, it is very hard to notice the pain at the beginning. However, the neck of your dog is just as sensitive as yours. So the collar causes the same discomfort as if it was put on you.

Collars damage the neck muscles really bad, even though these muscles are a basis of dog's vestibular apparatus and contribute to the head retention, which is located outside the body supports of the dog. Any problems in cervical spine muscles can affect the whole body movement and coordination problems. Collars also damage the bone, which is located under the dog's tongue. Excessive pressure of collar impedes a blood flow and subsequently leads to an increase in intracranial pressure, slowing down blood circulation and disturbing visual functions (glaucoma).

If you want to protect these problems, you should think about purchasing so-called harness-leash, which distributes the force of pressure throughout the body without harming your loved pet.

A good and qualitative harness leash can be characterized by these features:

Y-shaped form (Front view);

H-shaped form (Top view);

It is not fastened to the neck and shoulder joints;

Chest strap does not fall on the armpits;

The leash is attached to the back;

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