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Answer "How do I identify a good breeder?"

How do I identify a good breeder?

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Choosing a person who is going to sell you your future companion is a very complicated task. We want to help you, so here is the list of signs of a good breeder that you can trust.

1. The breeder does not treat their pets as a source of income. This person has to truly love animals and treat them like friends.

2. All the animals should look healthy and happy, try to contact with every visitor and do not show any aggression.

3. The breeder has to show you a place, where the animals spend their time. These rooms should be clean and comfortable for said animals.

4. It would be great if the breeder shows you both parents of the puppy you are planning to buy.

5. The breeder must be working with one or two breeds and have a deep knowledge about them. You can understand this by asking various breed-related questions.

6. Ask the breeder to explain you all the features of the breed and its temper. Good breeders can also give you a number of useful care pieces of advice.

7. It is a good sign if this breeder knows a veterinarian, who comes when it is needed and does all the planned injections.

8. You should also pay your attention to the price of the animal. It should be around equal to the market price.

9. Breeder should know about all the heritable diseases of this breed.

10. This person should be ready to help you in future.

11. It would be good to ask your breeder to give you phone numbers of the people, who have already bought puppies from him.

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