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Answer "Dry nose. What should I do?"

Dry nose. What should I do?

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As we all know, a wet and cold nose of your pet tells you that everything is okay. But if the nose is dry, it means that you should contact your veterinarian immediately. But you should also know that dry nose is sometimes not a sign of sickness.

You should know that when the animal sleeps, its body becomes hot and the nose is not an exclusion. The body will cool down in 30 minutes and the nose will become cold and wet again. The warm nose can also be caused by an allergy. It can be pollen, plastic, chemical solutions and even any food. The environment and stresses also have an influence on the dog's body. Strong emotions can cause a dry nose in your dog.

If the nose is dry and cold – it may be caused by a cold. But there should be other symptoms like coughing, sneezing and snoring. If the dog does not get a proper amount of water, there is dehydration possibility, so the nose becomes dry. To prevent this you should make sure that your pet has enough of fresh and accessible water. It is also worth to note that the nose of your pet can be dry and hot if it is really hot outside.

If your dog has been traumatized, its nose can also be dry. In this case, you can find swellings, ulcers or lumps on the dog's body.

What should you do if the nose of your pet is dry?

1) Do not use any materials that may cause allergy. For example, replace the bowl made of plastic with the one made of glass.

2) Walk your dogs somewhere where there are no flowering trees. The dishes of your dog have to always be clean.

3) If your pet has a high body temperature, you should immediately call a doctor.

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