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Answer "I have found a dog. What should I do?"

I have found a dog. What should I do?

This "I have found a dog. What should I do?" answer was viewed by 3835 visitors.

Today we will talk about the measures you can take to help the dog you have found. This information can become a true discovery for many people. We hope this article will help dogs to find their homes.

1. First of all, you should search for a collar and any identification marks or tokens. Get the dog to the veterinarian clinic to check if it has a chip. If the dog has a tag, it wouldn't be very hard to find its owner.

2. If you have not found any address or a tag, do not think that the dog has been thrown away. Many dogs just lose their collars during their "travels". Do not try to find a new owner yet! It is recommended to check your local communities to find an owner or just post in your Facebook.

3. No one searches for the dog and no one awaits it? You can check up your local shelters to help you find a new owner for this dog.

4. Be careful when choosing the new owner. Do not give the dog to the first man, who asked for it. Ask the potential owner about the environment they have and their experience. It is also recommended to sign a contract when transferring the animal to its new owner.

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RU: Я нашел собаку. Что делать?
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