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Answer "Who works in dog shelters?"

Who works in dog shelters?

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It is a very hard job, where people often lose themselves. All the volunteers come to this sphere with only one strong motivation – their love for animals. Unfortunately, only a few people are ready for this hard job. Some people become volunteers to change their lives somehow, forget something, or just atone for their sins. And it is a good idea because animals can cure the deepest wounds. Whatever intention brought this person to the shelter, our main commandment is always "Do not harm".

If you want to become a part of this wonderful world of volunteering, here are a couple of things that you should know:

1) The "Volunteer" word talks for itself. You will not get paid. Volunteer never tries to find any profit for themselves.

2) We are responsible for our animals. When working in a shelter, you accept this responsibility for every animal you interact with.

3) You have to be completely honest and open with those, who are ready to take the animal from the shelter. A future owner has to know everything about the animal they have chosen in order to be ready for possible problems.

4) You should assist and promote any chance to find a new family for the dog.

5) Every volunteer has to be a team-player, who is able to organize their work properly.

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