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Answer "How do I develop anger in my dog?"

How do I develop anger in my dog?

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The lack of anger is not a thing you should worry about because it is really easy to develop. But it is not recommended to do it without a perfect obedience. If your dog is already angry, but it hasn't been properly trained, the aggression will become uncontrollable. Dogs like this can attack anyone without any obvious reason, which gives you the possibility to appear on a front page of some newspapers as an owner of that famous "Killer-Dog".

When your dog is 100% loyal and obedient, you can start searching for a dog trainer in your city. After that, you can start an owner-protection course. It is not recommended to develop anger in your dog by yourself – it is very dangerous for you, your family and strangers, who may want to interact with your dog. However, you will spend 20 times more money and time and get, probably, a negative result.

You can be sure that your coward per will become your best bodyguard in 1-2 training sessions. In a couple of more sessions, you will get a dog that can handle four or even five attackers. The secret of this selfless desire to protect its owner is in a very close contact between you and your pet. You are associated with positive emotions in your dog's mind: you feed it, you walk it, you play with it, you care for it.

Any normal dog will try to avoid the fight, but any of them will easily give its life to protect the owner.

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