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Answer "How do I teach my dog to know its place?"

How do I teach my dog to know its place?

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How do you teach your pet to know its place in your house? How do you train your grown-up dog to go to its spot, when the "Place" command is given? It is very easy to train your dog if you are consistent in your actions.

Many owners worry that their pets sleep everywhere in their houses. It doesn't really matter – it can sleep wherever it wants if it doesn’t cause any trouble. But if you have noticed any kind of aggression, it means that your pet thinks that it became a leader of your “pack” because only a leader can sleep everywhere. Bur your dog will not become aggressive only if it is allowed to sleep everywhere. If it is aggressive – you have probably missed something in its training.

So how do you train your dog to sleep on its spot? First of all, build a cozy corner. It should be located somewhere, where your pet can remain alone for a long time. Place there its favorite toys. Then, just take some edible reward (it can be a chicken, cookies, or a small piece of meat) and use “come here” command. Then put a small piece of food and use “Place” command. When your puppy is on its new spot, use the “Down” command. Pet your puppy and reward it with another piece of chicken.

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RU: Как научить собаку знать свое место?
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