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Answer "Why my dog constantly itching and scratching?"

Why my dog constantly itching and scratching?

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If your dog is constantly itching and scratching, has diarrhea and vomiting, it can mean that the animal has a food allergy. Allergy – is an increased sensitivity to a certain substance, often of protein-based nature, which is perceived as alien substance. The most common sign of allergy is itching, but sometimes the dog may have diarrhea too.

First of all, you should understand if this is a food allergy because its symptoms are the same with other types of allergy. If your pet shows an immediate negative reaction to any diet change – it is definitely not a food allergy. To develop an allergic reaction, the dog has to eat this kind of food for some time. And that is why your dog can eat any kind of food for months or even years and do not show any signs of allergy.

There are some possible reasons for this kind of reaction: it may be allergic dermatitis (which is caused by fleas), dust, spores of mold fungi and even seasonal reactions to pollen. Food allergy is always followed by a swollen skin and itching on the dog's face, ears, or armpits. Scratching this swollen skin can cause a bacterial skin infection and the external auditory canal. Your veterinarian will help you find the source of the food allergy. It may be caused by eggs, pork, chicken, fish and some kinds of cereals. Animals can also have an allergy to food preservatives.

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RU: Почему моя собака постоянно чешется и царапает себя?
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