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Answer "How do I deal with bad breath in my dog?"

How do I deal with bad breath in my dog?

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Many dog owners just ignore the smell of their pets. However, this may be a signal of something wrong in your dog's health.


An unpleasant and pungent smell from the mouth may be a symptom of various kinds of mouth diseases, stomach diseases or problems with other organs.

1. Dental calculus. When the dog eats, small particles of food can get stuck in its teeth. These particles rot and become a significant reason of dental calculus in dogs.

2. Your pet changes its teeth. Puppies can have a bad breath due to teeth changing. In this case, there is nothing to worry about – just be patient because this is completely normal.

3. Caries. This is another serious oral cavity disease. The teeth of the dog with caries need more care, or this disease will just spread to healthy teeth.

4. Kidney and urinary system diseases. It is another common reason. If you have noticed increased thirst, appetite loss, apathy, lethargy and the smell of ammonia from your dog, it means that your pet has some urinary system diseases. Dogs older than 10 years often have kidney diseases.

5. Various digestive system diseases: bowel obstruction, for example.

What you should do.

1. Do not panic. Bad breath can be a serious symptom, but the process itself is not a disease. It may be caused by a variety of reasons – do not worry about it too much.

2. Call the veterinarian and do a complete examination of your pet in a good clinic.

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