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Answer "What is arthritis in dogs?"

What is arthritis in dogs?

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Many dogs, especially the larger breeds, have a generic vulnerability to joint diseases. Arthritis in animals is a degenerative disease of cartilage followed by an inflammatory process. Arthritis can start at any age of your pet, despite the common opinion that this disease infects older dogs only.

Symptoms of arthritis in dogs:

• The activity of your dog is noticeably lower. It may also start gaining weight.

• Slowness. Indecision before going upstairs and downstairs.

• Unwillingness to go for a walk.

Types of arthritis:

1. Traumatic arthritis. It may be a consequence of trauma and other mechanic damage of the joint.

2. Functional Arthritis. It is almost the same as the traumatic one, but includes disproportionate burden on the joint.

3. Degenerative Arthritis. It is a consequence of metabolism malfunction in dogs body.

There is a variety of ways to help your dog in this situation. If you see your pet is gaining weight, you should rework its ration. Do not stop walking your dog due to the fact that the lack of physical exercises can spoil the joint even harder.

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