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Dog wallpapers / Canadian Eskimo Dog wallpapers

Canadian Eskimo Dog wallpapers

Desktop Canadian Eskimo Dog wallpapers. Photo collections in high quality and resolution in "Dogwallpapers".

Country of origin: Canada
Other names: Qimmiq[1], Canadian Inuit Dog[2], Inuit (sled) dog[3], C. familiaris borealis[4], Esquimaux Dog (obsolete)[5], Exquimaux Husky (obsolete)[6] Kingmik
Canadian Eskimo Dog wallpaper


Height: Male
Weight: Male
Coat: thick and dense, soft undercoat, stiff guard hairs, mane of thicker fur around the neck
Color: about any colour, with or without special markings
Notes: The UKC does not have an official breed standard

Clubs and groups

Australian National Kennel Council: Group 06 (Utility)
Canadian Kennel Club: Working Dogs
The Kennel Club: Working
New Zealand Kennel Club: Utility
United Kennel Club: Northern Breed
RU: Canadian Eskimo Dog